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Would You Follow Your Friends Off a Cliff?

Much to my surprise, I did just that while hiking Shrine Ridge near Vail, Colorado. Shrine Ridge is a fantastic hike that I’ve done many times. You start at 11,000 feet, climb to just over 12,000, and end on a...

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Be bold be brave be you

Five Reasons to Make a Bold Move Now

Twenty-five years ago I lost my best friend Paul to AIDS. A piece of my heart will always be broken. The rest of me though is filled with gratitude for his years of friendship, our many adventures, and his life-changing...

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Moving in and out of alignment

  One of the many things I love about yoga is that virtually everything I practice on my yoga mat is just as relevant in my daily life. AwarenessMaking conscious choicesManaging my mind monkeys (just as hard on my mat...

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24 Lessons I’ve Learned About Success and Happiness

My business and I recently celebrated our 24-year anniversary! Mind-boggling. I can tell the story of the last 24 years in a way that sounds like a lovely straight line. But in reality, it’s been more like a loop-de-loop, with...

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Why Practicing Courage is Essential

Growing up in Southern California, my childhood summers involved endless hours in the pool and several years on a local swim team. (My siblings and I were part fish :-).) My last year on the team included the high dive....

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The Opposite of Small is Not Big

“Don’t play small! Play Big!!” I often hear (or read) these words in my world of professional, leadership, and personal development. I’m all about not playing small. We do ourselves, and the world, a disservice when we hold back, shrink...

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Unapologetically You

It is never inappropriate to be who you are. Not ever. I rarely speak in such absolutes, but when it comes to the appropriateness of you being you, I’d shout from the rooftops if that would help you hear me....

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What Do You Believe to be Possible?

Sixty-four years ago Roger Bannister did the impossible: he became the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. Okay, so it wasn’t impossible ;-). But the prevailing belief back then, including amongst the medical community, was that a sub-four-minute...

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The Passion Trap

If I knew my passion I’d take more risks, be bolder, go full throttle. If I knew my path, nothing would get in my way of walking that path. I hear these sentiments a lot. And I get it; there was...

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Love the One You’re With (That’s You!)

In the last few days I’ve had three clients declare that they’re done with selling themselves short. While the same themes always come up with my clients, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the exact same words in such a...

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