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Create Your Own Reality Show

Since the premier of the American series Survivor on May 31, 2000, reality television has skyrocketed in popularity. A quick web search yielded over ninety shows dedicated exclusively to the genre. That’s a big audience watching other people’s seemingly more...

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Pick Just One Thing

Our dog Jasper arrived into our lives when he was eighteen months old and immediately proceeded to redecorate our house. We called it the Milk-Bone look. Crumbs, pieces, and piles that resembled abstract art covered large swaths of the floor....

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Live Like You Mean It: The Life-is-Short Mini-Manifesto

Life is short. We all know that intellectually. But knowing doesn’t always translate into living. That was true for me until twenty years ago, when I lost my best friend. When Paul died, I shifted from conceptually knowing that life...

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Resilience: The Baking Powder of Success

What was the best piece of cake you’ve ever eaten? Close your eyes and take a moment to remember it. (Mmm. Mine was my wedding cake six years ago.) Now that you’ve had that mouth-watering moment (and hopefully, you’re not...

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Attitude Trumps Facts

My friend Angela is one of the most cheerful people you’ll ever meet. I thought I’d gotten used to her optimism and centeredness … but I was wrong. My amazement returned when, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she said,...

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Practice Leads to Better than Perfect

Practice moves you from where you are today to where you want to be. It provides learning and growth, builds skills, creates new habits, and cultivates resilience and strength. And that’s just a handful of its many benefits. Consistent practice...

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What’re You Making Up?

You do it. I do it. We all do it. (This is one the birds and bees don’t do!) My friend Dawn does it. Last weekend as we were out walking, I asked about her new job as President of...

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You’re not a rhinoceros

Have you ever seen a new-born rhinoceros? A few years ago, with a stroke of good luck, I did. Just seven hours after the calf was born, my tram at the San Diego Wild Animal Park rolled by and there...

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You need a compelling why

Motivation is critical to success. And as nice as it would be to flip a switch and fire up your enthusiasm, it doesn’t quite work that way. You need a compelling why; a reason powerful enough to propel you past...

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Humblebragging, Busyness, and Essentialism

Greg McKeown’s recent Harvard Business Review article, Why We Humblebrag and About Being Busy, is worth a read. While I might frame a few points a little differently, his overall comments on the causes and recommended antidotes to busyness are...

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