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Inspired, Energized, Unstuck


Failure is a Mindset … for Better or for Worse

You … See failure as a learning opportunity, as simply a step along your path. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, knowing that it’s okay to take chances and make mistakes. Embrace Thomas Watson Jr.’s (first President of IBM)...

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Love this Life

Rarely (okay, never!) do I wear clothes covered with writing. But last night a T-shirt at my yoga studio caught my eye…and went home with me ;-).  I loved what was written on the back of the shirt … words...

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Ordinary Can Get You to Extraordinary

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated.” ~ Sir Edmund Hillary, first known climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest along with...

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Would You Follow Your Friends Off a Bridge?

Last week I was on my annual hiking trip to Vail, CO. It’s always a trip I enjoy and this year was no exception except for our hike to Shrine Ridge. The problem wasn’t the trail; it was me. It’s...

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10 Ways to Keep the Change You Want to Make Top of Mind

Technorati code – 9VYB3446N4ZF Whether you’re trying to create a big change in your life or a small one, it’s easy to get off track. That’s because with demanding jobs and busy personal lives, there are so many other things...

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A Line is a Dot that Went for a Walk

One of my all time favorite quotes comes from the painter Paul Klee. “A line is a dot that went for a walk.” Close your eyes and picture it. A dot steps through the door; heads down the path, one...

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Are You Stuck With Limiting Beliefs?

Beware of gremlins in your head. You know the ones. Those little voices that say things like – You’re not smart enough You’re too old You can’t change Don’t Fight Your Limiting Beliefs There’s no sense arguing with gremlins. It...

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Three Steps to Getting Unstuck

This article debuted in my newsletter, The Way You Live Your Day is the Way You Live Your Life™. I wanted to make sure that blog readers had this important overview of the getting unstuck process, before we get into...

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Getting Unstuck, Relieving Stress and Living in Flow

I began writing my monthly(ish) newsletter The Way You Live Your Day is the Way You Live Your Life™ in 2005. Many readers have told me that they’d love more ways to get unstuck, navigate the rough spots in life...

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Moving in and out of alignment

Caption here One of the many things I love about yoga is that virtually everything I practice on my yoga mat is just as relevant in my daily life. AwarenessMaking conscious choicesManaging my mind monkeys (just as hard on my...

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