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Fear, Courage, and Getting Unstuck

My pets never cease to amaze me with their ability to deliver human-applicable lessons. Most recently, Elbee, my cat, and Jasper, my dog, taught a master class on fear triggers. Elbee and Jasper are great buddies. They can usually be...

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25 Lessons I’ve Learned About Success and Happiness/flow-dynamix.com

25 Lessons I’ve Learned About Success and Happiness

June is my big celebration month. It’s the month I was born, got married, and started my business. And this June comes with a BIG anniversary: 25 years ago my business and I began our adventure together!! I can tell...

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Shrine Ridge/Would You Follow Your Friends off a Cliff/Flow-Dynamix.com

Would You Follow Your Friends Off a Cliff?

Much to my surprise, I did just that while hiking Shrine Ridge near Vail, Colorado. Shrine Ridge is a fantastic hike that I’ve done many times. You start at 11,000 feet, climb to just over 12,000, and end on a...

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Be bold be brave be you

Five Reasons to Make a Bold Move Now

Twenty-five years ago I lost my best friend Paul to AIDS. A piece of my heart will always be broken. The rest of me though is filled with gratitude for his years of friendship, our many adventures, and his life-changing...

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Moving in and out of alignment

  One of the many things I love about yoga is that virtually everything I practice on my yoga mat is just as relevant in my daily life. AwarenessMaking conscious choicesManaging my mind monkeys (just as hard on my mat...

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24 Lessons I’ve Learned About Success and Happiness

My business and I recently celebrated our 24-year anniversary! Mind-boggling. I can tell the story of the last 24 years in a way that sounds like a lovely straight line. But in reality, it’s been more like a loop-de-loop, with...

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Why Practicing Courage is Essential

Growing up in Southern California, my childhood summers involved endless hours in the pool and several years on a local swim team. (My siblings and I were part fish :-).) My last year on the team included the high dive....

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The Opposite of Small is Not Big

“Don’t play small! Play Big!!” I often hear (or read) these words in my world of professional, leadership, and personal development. I’m all about not playing small. We do ourselves, and the world, a disservice when we hold back, shrink...

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Unapologetically You

It is never inappropriate to be who you are. Not ever. I rarely speak in such absolutes, but when it comes to the appropriateness of you being you, I’d shout from the rooftops if that would help you hear me....

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What Do You Believe to be Possible?

Sixty-four years ago Roger Bannister did the impossible: he became the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. Okay, so it wasn’t impossible ;-). But the prevailing belief back then, including amongst the medical community, was that a sub-four-minute...

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