Are you ready to make a bold professional move?

Do you want to get that promotion, shine in your current role / business, find a new job, show up differently, take a leap, or transition into whatever is next for you?

If it feels bold to you, then it’s a Bold Move!

Often you know what you want, but you don’t believe it’s possible, you don’t see a way forward, or you’re just not … doing anything about it.

When it comes to making a Bold Move, it’s not unusual to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or even afraid.

That’s because being bold means getting out of your comfort zone and let’s be honest – most of us don’t love discomfort!

I deeply believe it’s important to go for what you want, to be bold, and to brightly shine your light. That’s the way you’ll have your greatest impact and the world needs that! That’s why I developed this program.

The Bold Move program has four major components: Inner Work, Action, a Toolkit (including my proprietary Life Focus Map™), and Coaching and Community. Each piece supports the others. Together they support you in creating the change that you want.

The Bold Move Coaching Program™ helps you make your bold professional move. And at the same time your life will get better in unexpected ways!

This program is a life changer!

Sherry is so many things … she has empathy, understanding, compassion, knowledge, perspective, and helps people move forward in their own way, in their own time, and supports you with real life incremental steps that get you unstuck and moving!

I can’t recommend this program enough! You will be so grateful you did it!
Lisa Parker, Raleigh, NC, Designer,

What’s included with the program:

  • Inner work to expand your capacity for practicing self-awareness, giving yourself permission, taming your “shoulds”, staying with the discomfort of change, and making conscious choices, all of which are critical for creating change and making a bold move.
  • Action! You’ll set small manageable steps, measure progress, step out of your comfort zone, refine, and celebrate each step forward.
  • Simple, powerful practices to support your inner work and external action, customized for your unique situation.
  • The Life Focus Map™: a powerful tool that helps you look holistically at how your bold move supports the other parts of your life … and how the other parts of your life support your bold move.
  • 13 virtual, interactive, small group sessions using a curriculum developed out of my experience helping hundreds of women make bold professional moves and live at the intersection of success and happiness.
  • Private coaching. One private coaching call is included with the program, plus a Bold Move conversation prior to registering for the program.
  • Community. Everyone’s Bold Move journey is unique, but no one has to go it alone. There’s great power in the company of other professional women making a Bold Move.

“Every week there was a great nugget that I could immediately implement.

And you’ve given me the gift that will keep on giving. The materials from the Bold Move Coaching Program are evergreen and I’ll be reaching back to them for years to come.”
Dana Jennings, PoliticaNC co-founder, Raleigh, NC

If you’d like to have a visual overview of the program, here you go:

The next session of the Bold Move Coaching Program™ has not yet been scheduled. If you’d like to be notified when the date is set, and before registration opens to the public, please email me at with BMCP in the subject line. You’ll have first dibs at the program!