What clients are saying

There’s a sense of confidence that had been hiding and that’s been surfaced, revealed, through coaching.

Sherry is a totally open space. I can say what I’m scared about, what I’m proud about, what I’m curious about, what I’m confused about, and there’s no judgment. Sherry’s not going to take care of me in the sense of patting me on the head or patronizing me. She’s going to hold me high, she’s going to hold me accountable, and she’s going to speak the truth. And in her speaking the truth as she hears it from me, I’m able to see it – and shift.

I’m more confident in setting boundaries. I’m more confident in saying no. I’m more confident in the quality of work that I do, and about telling people, you know, if you want to work with me, here’s some parameters. All that had been missing before.

My life is working!

Paula Berardinelli, President, drpaulab, llc

I’ve become more resilient, open, and focused, and have completely changed my relationship with resistance.

I’m so pleased with how much has shifted for me – both intellectually and energetically – over the course of the Bold Move Coaching Program.

Sherry has a special gift for helping you see things from a different perspective and for me, that shift in perspective has directly translated into getting out of my own way and putting my own work out into world. I’m excited about the path I’m on and feel really good about the way I’m walking that path.

Jeannie Bogner, Reiki Practitioner/Master/Teacher, Peace of Heart Healing

Sherry helps you get unstuck and out of a rut.

She does it in a way that’s easy and intelligent and funny and makes you feel really, really good.

I started working with Sherry because I wanted room for other things in my life besides work!

Deep down inside I wasn’t sure it was possible to have a successful business and take time for myself: work out, walk with my dogs, do yoga, and just plain old have down time to relax. And since I wasn’t convinced I’d get there, it was almost impossible to get motivated to even try.

In our first session she told me that small steps turn into big change. How true that turned out to be! As a result of our work together, I have worked less, made more money, and lost 76 pounds. My entire way of thinking has changed. I now know that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Lisa Parker, Raleigh, NC, Designer, Design4Sale.net

It’s exciting and scary and I DID IT!

Prior to signing up for Sherry’s Bold Move Coaching Program™, we discussed my goals, fears and professional dreams, and she heard desires in me that I had yet to recognize.

Through insightfully-led group discussions, thought-provoking homework, and one-on-one discussions with Sherry, I acknowledged what she “heard” and have started my business!

Thank you, Sherry!!

Elizabeth Byrd, EAT llc

You beautifully balance an “anything is possible” viewpoint with a very practical and grounded approach to creating change and achieving my goals.

You’re strategic in your approach which I appreciate from a business perspective. And you also helped me dream a bigger dream for myself which was exactly what I needed!

Anne Robie, SVP People and Places, Turnitin

I’ve had unexpected gains, well beyond my bold professional move, and that’s a result of the program content, the really safe space Sherry’s created, and the power of being connected with other women who are making a bold move.

I’ve never been more hopeful and optimistic about bringing my dreams to fruition.”

“Sherry’s terrific, as is the Bold Move Coaching program!

Mary Edmondson MD, Raleigh, NC

Sherry is really good at hearing what you say and even better at hearing what you’re not saying.

What’s remarkable is her ability to reveal what’s already in you.

And even though there were intense moments in the work we did, it never felt heavy because we always found a reason to laugh.

Donna Peek, Vice President, Global Alliances, Genpact

Working with Sherry has been an amazing experience!

My confidence has increased, my management and communication skills have grown, and I’m much happier with how I work.

Kim Hunter, Founder and Owner, Kimbap Café and Sarah Cecilia’s Good Food Company

“Every week there was a great nugget that I could immediately implement.

And you’ve given me the gift that will keep on giving. The materials from the Bold Move Coaching Program are evergreen and I’ll be reaching back to them for years to come.”

Dana Jennings, PoliticaNC co-founder, Raleigh, NC

I feel clear on where I’m going from here and love that I have practices I know will keep me on track.

I got everything I’d hoped for from the program! It’s so well designed, from the content to the sequencing to the pacing; all the pieces work together beautifully. The Bold Move Coaching Program was such a worthwhile investment!!

Sandi Taylor, New York, NY, MA Counseling, LPC

I felt empowered and energized to share my challenges and celebrate my successes with such a supportive group of women!

“When Sherry first approached me about the Bold Move Coaching Program, I was ecstatic. I’d worked with Sherry one-on-one in the past and was thrilled to work with her again and be part of her group program.

I was a little nervous that others in the group would see my bold move as trivial or silly. That didn’t at all turn out to be the case!

Over the course of the program my goal metamorphosed into something quite different than where I started. The way in which we all evolved in our four months together was (and is) exciting!”

Jill A Curtis, PPD Sr. Project Manager, Hematology/Oncology Chapel Hill, NC

Definitely a bit of divine intervention at work – the program couldn’t have shown up at a more perfect time for me!”

A close friend who’d done the program told me, “You have to do this program,” so I was confident that the Bold Move Coaching Program would be of great value. But I got more from it than I’d even hoped!

Debbie Dvorak, Cary, NC

I devote so much time and energy to my clients that it was refreshing to step back and work on my own business.

Not only did I get new insight and ideas that I could immediately implement, but just as importantly, it helped me recommit to other parts of my life that can often take a back seat to my business.

Mary Cantando, President, The Woman’s Advantage