The Weirdness of Change

StumblingIn March, I took a tiny stumble while walking towards the starting line of a 5-K run. As in, so minor it shouldn’t have even been noticeable. Instead, I ended up with the energizer bunny version of a lower back problem … it just kept going and going and going.

Normally my chiropractor and massage therapist can quickly take care of alignment and muscle problems. Not this time.

Long story short, I discovered I have a body mechanics issue that set me up for this injury. I’m now in the process of retraining the muscles in and around my right hip to work properly. What that really means is that I’m learning to walk differently.

And it feels incredibly weird.

In this case, it’s a physical change. But any time you move, act or think in a way that’s different from your habitual way it feels strange. That’s one of the reasons change is slow. It’s human nature to default to what feels familiar.

Whatever change you’re trying to make in your life, be patient and consistently practice.

With time your new habit will feel normal … and that’s when it will become your natural way of moving, thinking or acting.

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