Sending gratitude into the universeOver the years I’ve cultivated a gratitude habit, taking a few minutes every day to reflect on what I’m most grateful for that day. And on Thanksgiving weekend, I have a slightly more formalized practice. I write down ten things for which I’m grateful and post it in on my blog (my way of sending it out into the universe).

Although I reflected on gratitude last weekend, my food coma got the best of me 😉 and I never put pen to paper. (Or fingers to keyboard to be more accurate.)

So one week later, here are the ten things for which I’m most grateful for today.

  1. Gems, my cat who is curled up on my desk right now and my dogs, Jasper and Elsie, who are both sleeping at my feet.
  2. This beautiful, sunny fall day.
  3. My amazing vet, Dr. Audra Alley, who takes such good care of my animals.
  4. The Thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone and I’m back to eating “normal” food.
  5. Yoga.
  6. My 3PM massage appointment.
  7. My husband Warren for finding my quirks endearing.
  8. Coffee.
  9. This incredible work I’m so very privileged to do and my clients who inspire me every day.
  10. That my fractured, then frozen, shoulder is 98% healed!

What are you most grateful for? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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