Slow and Easy

There was only one way I could get through my run this morning.

Slow and easy.

In my perfect world I’d only run in 75 degree or cooler weather.  But I live in Raleigh, NC and have two need-lots-of-exercise dogs who aren’t allowed in the air-conditioned gym.

So I run outside year-round. And today it was hot.

This was my inner dialogue for the entire 40 minutes:

Slow and easy.
Almost to the top of the hill.
Keep it slow.
Nice and slow on this downhill.
Catch your breath.
Keep it slow. I can do this.
Slow and easy.

Fast wasn’t the point. Finishing was. Without the constant reminder to go slow, I likely would have conked out.

The slow and easy approach works for more than just hot weather workouts. I use it any time I’m faced with a project or task that feels daunting … one small step at a time, slow and easy.

Where’s your opportunity to apply slow and easy?

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