Forget Resolutions. Do This Instead.

Tis the tail end of the season of New Year’s resolutions.

I’ll come clean right up front: I’m not a fan of them.

Most New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory by the end of January. That’s because they tend to be vague, “should”-driven, unrealistic, and / or a mash-up of unrelated aspirations.

Like this:
You’re going to supercharge your productivity levels, get in amazing shape, become an organizing genius, volunteer more, start meditating, learn a new language, be more patient, and leap tall buildings in super-cute shoes.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a wee bit, at least about the super-cute shoes and tall buildings :-).

But it’s not that far out of the ballpark, right?

If New Year’s resolutions just faded from memory with no residual impact, then they could go into a year-end-party-games category. But the fading usually does have an impact. You’re left with a resolution hangover, a feeling that you’ve let yourself down or can’t get your act together, and you’re not sure why.

It’s not because you’re undisciplined or inept. None of us can be successful with vague, “should”-driven, or unrealistic goals. Add to the mix multiple, disconnected resolutions and it’s a set-up to fail.

How about doing something different this year?

Forget the resolutions and instead commit to one bold move in 2018.

(I’m pausing to give you a moment to let that land.)

A bold move is a commitment that feels bold to you and is something you genuinely want and / or feel called to do.

Examples include:

  • Throwing your hat in the ring for a promotion even when you’re worried you don’t meet every qualification.
  • Launching a job search because you’ve decided you don’t have to stay in a job that’s making you unhappy or is downright toxic.
  • Making a career change.
  • Running for political office.
  • Giving yourself permission to step up and shine in your current role.
  • Making a decision to stop being driven by people-pleasing so you can begin living a more authentic, fulfilling life.
  • Writing the novel you’ve dreamed about for years.
  • Using your potential in service of what matters to you.
  • Letting go of trying to fit a mold that’s not you and showing up as the person you actually are.
  • Re-aligning your life to be a better fit with your values, knowing it will rock the boat and not everyone will be happy with you.
  • Doing whatever it is you know, in your heart of hearts, it’s time for you to do.

You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone to make your bold move. But that’s actually the point. None of us can give full expression to our potential and our gifts without periodically feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable.

And it starts with a choice.

What bold move will you make in 2018?

You deserve to have what you want. And the world needs us all to be fully showing up and brightly shining our lights!!