Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and readers in the United States. And to those of you elsewhere, happy Thursday!

In the midst of the American tradition of eating enough food for five people (my personal challenge is sharing the pumpkin pie!), it’s easy to forget the real purpose of the day … to give thanks.

So in honor of this day, here are ten things for which I’m most grateful today:

  1. Spending this day / weekend in Princeton, New Jersey with people I love – my husband Warren, my sister and brother and their respective spouses, my four nieces and nephews, my aunt and uncle and my cousins.
  2. Fall leaves.
  3. The “rock my world” three day Integral Coaching Principles course led by James Flaherty last week and the eleven extraordinary people I met there.
  4. Pumpkin pie :-).
  5. That I get to meet my friend Marsha in NYC tomorrow and hang out for a few hours.
  6. My pets Jasper, Elsie and Gems.
  7. My comfy, cozy, cute new gray sweater on this chilly day.
  8. This amazing work I’m so very privileged to do and all the people I connect with along the way.
  9. Yoga.
  10. Armistead Maupin for writing another book in the Tales of the City series.

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