Excellence Gets You Further Than Perfection

A perfectionist is “a person who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high standards” (http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu).

Perfection gets in the way of achieving what you want without making yourself crazy. I know; I’ve been a perfectionist in recovery for awhile now.

You can still have high standards. In fact, that’s a crucial part of sustainable success.

So what’s the difference between happiness and misery in doing and being your best?

It’s seeking excellence instead of perfection at work and in life.

Excellence versus Perfection

Perfection is being right.
Excellence is the willingness to be wrong.

Perfection is fear.
Excellence is risk.

Perfection is anger and frustration.
Excellence is powerful.

Perfection is judgment.
Excellence is accepting.

Perfection is taking.
Excellence is giving.

Perfection is doubt.
Excellence is confidence.

Perfection is pressure.
Excellence is flowing.

Perfection is destination.
Excellence is journey.

Perfection is consuming.
Excellence is surrender.

Perfection is selfishness.
Excellence is trust.

~ Author unknown

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