If Not Today, When?

A few days ago I tweeted that thought.

Later that day I was doing a quick scan on my Twitter home page. I came upon my tweet and immediately following it was this tweet from Michael Bungay Stanier.

Just heard my closest friend, father of my god child, just died of a heart attack. Age 42.

One of those gut-wrenching juxtapositions of two sentences.

My heart goes out to Michael and his friend’s family. And once again, it’s a reminder that …

If not today, when?

What have you been saying later to?

  • Spending more time with friends and family?
  • Finding work that fulfills you?
  • Saying no to “settling for good enough”?
  • Focusing on taking care of yourself?
  • Truly living this life you have?

Whatever it is, what would change if you decided that later started today?

If not today, when?

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