Take Yourself To Work

Not your normal, everyday work self; the 100% authentic version of you.

You know, the one who would show up if you didn’t worry about your or other’s expectations about who you’re supposed to be.

Of course, most of us live in a world where real and perceived expectations run rampant, and it’s easy to make assumptions about what persona you must wear in order to be successful.

It can feel more than a little vulnerable to be truly authentic. What if you’re too much to take, or not enough, or just plain old too different?

But in reality, when you show up as the real deal, that person you really are, you get to fully leverage your strengths and it takes a whole lot less effort. After all, it’s hard work being someone you’re not!

My client Louise is one of the most caring and nurturing human beings I have ever met. When she finally let go of professional women don’t get personal, she shined even more brightly as a manager and got the best performance review she’d ever had.

Bob had an equally dramatic impact when he started offering up alternative views and learned that his colleagues had no idea he was so creative.

And when I decided to let my woo-woo streak co-exist with my analytical side a funny thing happened. Not only did my fear of losing credibility turn out to be unwarranted, but to my surprise, my business had a growth spurt.

I’m not talking about sharing every gory detail of your personal life or blurting out each thought that pops into your head. But if you find yourself checking your real self at the door when your work day begins, try bringing a little more of you to work.

Start with one small act a day, build from there, and before you know it the real you will be sitting at your desk.

And who knows … you might even find yourself living your day the way you want to live your life. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” ~ Oscar Wilde


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